Lamaku Society

We Are The Lamakū Society

In the Pukui-Elbert Hawaiian Dictionary, a Lamakū is defined as a "…large torch, formerly 60 to 90 cm tall, with light coming from burning kukui nuts, strung on a coconut midrib, wrapped in dried ti leaves, and placed at the tips of bamboo handles."

Lamakū torches were tools that provided light. Beyond that, they were beacons under which the activities of Hawaiians could be practiced, innovated, refined, and taught. We look towards our namesake as an elegant metaphor in life: we aspire to be "living beacons" whose investment in Hawaiiana acts as a symbol of cultural solidarity. Our purpose is to nurture, to practice, to innovate, to refine, and to teach, so that we might become physical embodiments of our art. In doing so, our art and our culture flourish because of the sincerity within our efforts and our dedication. As a 501 c3, non-profit organization dedicated to a grand vision of promoting Hawaiian culture, The Lamaku Society's mission is to cultivate and improve the lives of eager hearts and young minds through education in Hawaiian performance arts. Our membership and our beneficiaries share a deep and unyielding love for the history, customs, traditions and variety of Hawai'i. Whether in dance, music, crafts, or song, we seek to reinforce the links that connect our modern way of life to the ancient ways which gave Hawai'i its unique identity. We invite you to join us. We are The Lamakū Society.

Kamau Pono XV

Join The Lamaku Society and Halau Na Wainohia, along with several guests, for an evening of song, dance, chant, and celebration. Kamau Pono XV: Oct. 3rd, at 7pm, at Mamiya Theater, on the campus of Saint Louis High School. Learn More